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Parksafe PS740 Rear Sensors, Nemo/Bipper/Fiorino - HAMPSHIRE, YATELEY

Here are a set of Parksafe PS740 rear sensors fitted to a RomaHome R10 motorhome.

This little camper is based on a Citroen Nemo van, which is the same as the Peugeot Bipper & Fiat Fiorino.

It's a great little space if you're staying somewhere on your own.

The PS740 sensors have an angle built in to the sensor head to counteract the downward facing rear bumper. This stops the system from 'seeing' the ground and false alarming, which can be a problem on some vehicles.

The sensors shown are the standard Matt Black, but match the bumper very well.

It may be a compact van, but parking sensors still help make parking easier!

4 sensor heads spaced out across the full width of the bumper - ParkSafe PS740 - YATELEY - HAMPSHIRE
ParkSafe PS740
Close up of the sensor head, showing the slight kick-up angle needed to prevent the sensor 'seeing' the floor & causing false alarms. - ParkSafe PS740 - YATELEY - HAMPSHIRE
ParkSafe PS740
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ParkSafe PS740
Parking Sensors
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