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StarLine S9-V2 Transit Custom Advanced Smart Security Telematics System HAMPSHIRE
StarLine S9-V2 Transit Custom Advanced Smart Security Telematics System HAMPSHIRE
StarLine S9-V2 Transit Custom Advanced Smart Security Telematics System HAMPSHIRE
StarLine S9-V2 Transit Custom Advanced Smart Security Telematics System HAMPSHIRE
Advanced Smart Security Telematics System
£899.00 *Fitted
£749.17 Ex. VAT
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The most advanced security & telematics system for your Transit Custom

The StarLine S9 has a whole host of advanced functions & features designed to protect your Transit Custom in many ways.

Designed to integrate into the Ford data-bus system, the S9 is both easy to use & highly efficient at doing its job.

With built in tilt & shock sensors, plus a dedicated motion sensor for the loadspace, the S9 can detect any unwelcome attempt at gaining entry to the vehicle.
As well as the above intrusion detection sensors, it also has multiple engine immobilisation points to prevent the vehicle from being started, even if a thief were to completely bypass the standard Ford security measures.

On top of these alarm & immobiliser features, the S9 also has real-time Live vehicle tracking & mobile phone App alarm trigger notifications.
This means that you can track the vans location 24/7 and get notifications of any alarm trigger all from a dedicated App on your mobile phone.
You can even control the system from this App, including remotely locking & unlocking the van.

As such, having the S9 fitted by us will make any thieves job much harder & make your van much less likely to be targeted in the first place, all while keeping operation simple for you.

As standard, the S9 has the following features on the Transit Custom...
  • StarLine App with real-time tracking & alarm control/notifications*
  • Door (cab & loadspace) & bonnet protection
  • Tilt & dual stage shock sensor (shock sensor is focused on the cab area)
  • Motion sensor in loadspace
  • Multiple analog engine immobilisation points
  • Blue dash-mounted status LED
  • 2x Bluetooth tags
  • 120db siren
  • PIN code overide via steering wheel buttons (if buttons are present)
  • Anti-hijack (only activated upon request)
As a little extra, we also include the following features free of charge...
  • Mirror fold on double-lock, unfold on engine start (only if van has electric folding mirrors)
  • Horn honk on alarm trigger (VERY loud!)

We can also add the following features if requested...
  • Warn away proximity sensor for cab windows, +£95.00
  • Aditional dual stage shock sensor in rear of loadspace, +£75.00
  • Ear-Bleeder siren installed into loadspace, +£40.00
  • Window closure / automation. +£300.00

The StarLine S9 makes use of the following technologies to protect your vehicle...
  • Bluetooth, for driver ID tags & use of mobile phone as a tag
  • GSM, for remote App control & alarm notifications
  • GPS & GLONASS satellite positioning hardware
  • Multiple CAN-bus integration points

*Whilst there is no subscription charge for the App, tracking or alarm control/notifications, the customer is responsible for the upkeep of the SIM card fitted inside the security system. A PAYG SIM card is ideal, with £30.00 credit lasting approximately a year, depending on usage.

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*VAT is included in advertised prices (unless stated otherwise). Price includes standard installation in our local area, but excludes additional parts that may be required (please contact us for a specific quotation for you and your vehicle). Although every effort is made to keep prices accurate they will be subject to change and availability.Please click on the individual product for pricing details.

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