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CATLOC 1002 Catalytic Converter Anti Theft Device HAMPSHIRE
Catalytic Converter Anti Theft Device
£180.00 *Fitted
£150.00 Ex. VAT
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Why would someone want to steal my Catalytic Converter & what can I do to help prevent it?

Catalytic Converters (CAT's) and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF's) generally contain three precious metals; platinum, rhodium and palladium. These metals are extremely valuable to a thief. It is estimated that thieves can get somewhere between, £50-£400 for each CAT they steal.

The CATLOC is permanently installed to your vehicle CAT or DPF and then attached to the vehicle via two security cables supplied. Once installed it envelopes the CAT making it extremely difficult to remove and far easier to move onto another vehicle with an unprotected CAT.


Motorhomes & Light Commercial Vehicles are at a higher risk of being targeted by thieves, don't let it be yours!

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*VAT is included in advertised prices (unless stated otherwise). Price includes standard installation in our local area, but excludes additional parts that may be required (please contact us for a specific quotation for you and your vehicle). Although every effort is made to keep prices accurate they will be subject to change and availability.Please click on the individual product for pricing details.

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