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TVL Hykee Rep Lock High Security Replacement Door Lock HAMPSHIRE
High Security Replacement Door Lock
£225.00 *Fitted
£187.50 Ex. VAT
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Thieves are breaking into Transit Vans by either 'picking' or breaking the standard Ford door lock. 

Skeleton keys and lock picks can be found online far too easily. Using these cheap devices, thieves can quickly & quietly unlock the drivers door. This then unlocks the load-space doors as well. Even worse, it'll also disarm the factory Ford alarm system on many vans (Ford do offer an update to partially fix this).

From here they can steal the van in its entirety by overriding the immobiliser via the OBD socket or, more commonly, empty the contents from the unlocked load area.

They will literally be Gone In 60 Seconds... 

Our Direct Replacement High Security Door Lock replaces the vulnerable OE Lock and requires no modification to the existing lock mechanism. This device is fitted in under an hour and is the perfect solution to this problem.

We also include a security bezel that surrounds the lock & guards it against other forms of attack on the following vehicles: Transit 2007-2014, Transit 2014-onwards & Transit Custom.

Compatible with all Ford Transit variants from 2000 onwards, including Customs & Connects.


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